This Girl Used Her Halloween Costume To Savagely Call Out Her Exes And It’s Hilariously Petty


I honestly wish I was as savage as this woman who used her Halloween costume to call out her exes, but I’m still not quite on that level yet. I can still appreciate her, though, can’t I?

Twitter user Haleigh Conner decided to use this Halloween to dress up as the scariest thing she could think of: commitment.

Oh, but that’s not all. She took a picture to post on Insta and literally tagged ALL of her exes.

Um, can this woman be president please???

Honestly, the whole thing is pretty wild but we’re living for it.

Some people were definitely hating on the costume (and the amount of exes), but who has time for that BS?

Girl, fuck what other people say. You’re a queen and your level of petty is everything I aspire to be.