This Guy Asked Twitter To Explain The Movie ‘It’ And Now People Won’t Stop Trolling Him


I still remember when my dad asked me to explain what “IDK” meant. I was probably 12-year-old and sitting at the kitchen table. “I don’t know,” I told him. He looked at me, pissed. “What do you mean, ‘I don’t know’?” he asked. “You use it all the time, of course you know what it means.” It took a ten minute roundabout explanation before he finally grasped that I did know what it meant, and it meant “I don’t know.” It was like a terrible moment in a sitcom, except, well, it was my actual life.

Unfortunately, that’s the downfall of language, especially in online formats, where we often rely on pop culture references or acronyms in casual conversation. So it’s really not surprising that it could lead to some frustrating misunderstandings — but also, it’s really not surprising that those misunderstandings are actually pretty hilarious.

Twitter user @SENSEI_KK just wanted to know what the movie It was about, so he tweeted out to his followers for some help.

Except instead of getting an explanation, he ended up getting into a very confusing, long-winded argument with a random follower who didn’t seem to understand what he was getting at.

Don’t worry, she wasn’t the only one with some questions.

Okay I’m sorry but this will never get old to me. Here’s to hoping this misunderstanding happens a million more times, and all publicly so I can laugh at it.