This Guy Decided Not To Go To Bingo Night With His Grandparents And His Grandpa’s Response Is Hilariously Savage


Oh, grandparents, how we love them. I know they say kids say the darndest things, but have you ever heard what comes out of a grandparent’s mouth? They are 10 times more savage than you will ever be and sometimes just as dramatic.

Like this grandpa, who got pissed when his grandson said he didn’t want to go to bingo night.

Okay but like why does this feel like something my grandma would do????

Most people on Twitter were mad that the guy wouldn’t just humor his grandpa for once.

I mean, honestly, it’s kind of heartbreaking when you think about grandpa at bingo night all alone.

Moral of the story? Go to fuckin’ bingo night with grandpa, you cowards.