This Guy Got The Ultimate Revenge Against His Stepdad Who Told Him He’d Never Graduate College


They say the best way to deal with the haters is to kill them with kindness, but I’d like to disagree — the best way to deal with them is to prove them wrong.

After his stepdad told him he didn’t think he would succeed in life, this guy got the ultimate revenge: he graduated from college, and it looks like he did pretty well.

Daivon Reeder stepfather had told him that it would be “pointless to go to orientation,” but obviously he was wrong. Not only does Reeder have his diploma now, but his unsupportive stepdad is now in jail.

The internet was full of support for Reeder, because who wouldn’t be proud of him? He did what others didn’t believe he could do.

Seriously, it’s heartwarming how proud people are of him.

Ugh, I’m tearing up.

Oh yeah, also people are convinced that Reeder is secretly NBA star Vince Carter.

Or maybe Carter is his real father?


All jokes aside, I’m proud of you, Daivon. Fuck whoever tells you you can’t do something in the future — just prove them wrong again.