This Guy Meant To Send An Essay To His Teacher, But Then He Accidentally Attached This Hilarious Picture Instead


Let’s be real here: college is a bitch. Not only is it basically impossible to find a good work-life balance (at least,  not if you want to get a normal amount of sleep), but there’s probably a good chance that at some point, you’re going to accidentally do one little stupid thing that’ll mess up your grade forever. And for this guy, that mistake happened to be an absolutely hilarious one.

Twitter user Alex Sparrow just meant to turn in his literacy essay online, but, well… you’ll see.

He had one thing to say about it: “FUUUCK.”


Honestly, if I were this man’s teacher, I’d prefer the cat anyway.

But luckily, Alex got the chance to prove his worth and resubmit his essay, which is almost definitely nowhere near as good as the picture. But good for you, Alex!

You gotta love a happy ending.