This Guy Taught His 8-Year-Old Brother How To Text And Their Conversations Are Hilariously Wholesome


There are a lot of responsibilities that come with being a big brother. It’s your job to set an example, to be there for your siblings when they need backup, and to teach them things your parents can’t — like, you know, about texting.

19-year-old Layke decided to show his 8-year-old brother Brock how to text using his iPod so they could stay in contact with each other while Layke was away at college. And trust me, their interactions are perhaps the most wholesome thing the Internet has ever seen.

Seriously, just look at these.


Okay, my heart is MELTING. But it doesn’t end there.


Okay, this kid is pretty freaking cute. Layle decided to tell his brother that the good people of Twitter loved their messages, and his response is just as adorable as you’d expect it to be.



Okay, I’m done. DONE. They are the cutest older brother-younger brother pair on the face of the Earth and nothing you say or do can convince me otherwise.

People on Twitter loved the brothers’ interactions so much that they decided to post their own text conversations with younger family members, and okay, I’ll admit it, they’re all pretty cute, too.

You know what they say: kids say the darndest things.