This Guy Tweeted About His ‘Perfect’ Life With His Girlfriend, But It Turns Out She Had A Huge Secret


Social media has made it pretty common for people to open up about their lives for everyone to see — but, you know, sometimes people are a little too open. Twitter is especially known for its stories about wild nights and crazy plot twists that probably reveal a little too much about the person’s life, but hey, they’re pretty fun to read at least.

Like this guy, who took to Twitter to post about his wonderful life with his girlfriend, which seems a little too great, if you ask me.

Not like anyone actually believed someone’s life could be this perfect. Seriously, something is definitely wrong that you’re not telling us.

Well guess what? Turns out things weren’t as perfect as they seemed, and it was the biggest plot twist of all.

Ooooooof, that one’s gonna hurt. But can you blame some of us for finding it funny?

But some good samaritans of the world took pity and showed the man some sympathy.

Maybe it’s time we all take a step back from the Internet and stop posting about every little thing that happens in our lives. But also, I love reading about all this drama, so continue.