This Instagram Account Gets Brutally Honestly About Why People Ended Their Relationships


Every relationship is different — the way they begin, play out, and end varies depending on the people. But while some people prefer to focus on the meet cutes and honeymoon phase, there’s something incredibly interesting to me about the endings. What can make two people who were in love decide they’re actually not?

Well, this Instagram account might give us a little insight. reasonswerenotdating is an account that exclusively lists the reasons people broke up with their significant others, and some are nothing that you’d expect.



Whether the reasons are petty, funny, or sad, it does show how we all approach relationships in our lives — and what sorts of things end up being absolute deal breakers to some people.


Well, you can’t say some aren’t relatable.

What are some of the reasons you broke up? And what do you think are bad reasons to? Let us know — you know, for science.