This Interview Will Make You Question Everything You Think You Know About “God”



Having gone to catholic school I felt the same way as I would sometimes think, “Even if there is a God, is it a God worth worshipping and revering?” Ironically, my catholic education is why I think of myself as more of a spiritual than religious person. However, the concept of being angry at God for not creating a perfect world bothers me. Take away famine, disease, natural disasters… would there not still be evil in the world due to the fact humans are imperfect? Or are we to assume that because this “nice” God created a world without hardship he also created one with perfect beings who wouldn’t lie, steal, cheat, or even kill? Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.

Without suffering there’d be no compassion, and if the world was already perfect what would be the point of anything? Is there a lot of fucked up and unfair cruelty in this world that bring to question what kind of ‘God’ exists? (if any) Absolutely. But to assume God is capricious, mean-minded, and stupid based only on what we know in this life is, in my opinion, failure to accept that we don’t and can’t know all the answers as to “why.” To me spirituality is a very personal choice. Whatever makes your life simpler, or happier; whether that is going to Church every Sunday or denying the existence of a higher power altogether, is a fine way to go through life. So while I found this interview incredibly interesting, I do believe Mr. Fry is talking about a different God than the higher power I’d imagine. Because for me, I’d like to believe if there is something greater out there, it is greater for the good.