This Is A Picture Of The Old Lady Who Visited My Bedroom One Night


Let me begin by saying that I was NOT asleep when this happened, I was very much awake.

It was a school night, and I was off to bed. There was a rocking chair by the door in my room–these were to my right–only about 3-4 feet away.

I began to drift into sleep, when suddenly I felt a presence in the room with me (I have always been very sensitive to things like that). I looked over to the rocking chair on my right, and what I saw was horrible.

An older woman, with an extremely pale face. Her hair was grey, and it was pulled back very tightly into a bun. She was dressed in old clothing like from the Civil War times. Her dress was long sleeved, and had buttons all the way down the arm, on the side. It also entirely covered her neck, and the buttons there started at the top, going straight down. But…the horrific thing about her was that where her eyes and mouth should have been, THERE WAS ONLY DARKNESS.

Just pure black spots. Black holes against that sheet white face.

She was rocking very fast in the chair, as if she were anxious. I somehow knew that she was waiting on some very important information. I felt like she was expecting something from her son.

Suddenly, she realized that I could see her…and in a split second, she was on top of me, strangling me. All I could do was look into those dark holes. I was paralyzed and absolutely terrified. This seemed to go on forever, and I constantly fought it, though there was nothing I could do. Then, after what seemed like an eternity, she disappeared. I quickly ran out of the room, through the kitchen, through the living room, and straight to the bathroom where my stepmother was.

I never saw that woman again after that night, but from then on, I was very afraid every night. I will never forget that face.