This Is An Average Day With Anxiety


Anxiety makes you freeze and overthink every single thing that happens to you. It creates this crippling feeling that comes over your body while you sit there in silence wondering what went wrong.

The sleepless nights, the tired eyes, and the raspy voice are all because of one word: Anxiety.

You lay in bed as the sun shines through the curtain, wondering how it’s the morning already, last time you checked it was 11:43 p.m. But it is not like you fell into any kind of deep sleep, because your anxiety took over your night once again.

A few days pass and you still haven’t gotten the right amount of sleep for a college student to be getting. You start to panic that you are falling behind on work, so your anxiety creeps back up on you and it breaks you.

Your body has hit the breaking point. You are unaware of what’s going on around you, because your mind is too consumed, worrying about anything and everything.

You try each day to ignore what’s running through your mind, but most days it’s too big of a wave to handle so you give in and let the anxiety control you.

Anxiety is the constant thought that says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.”

Anxiety also makes you ask what if questions. What if my friends don’t like me today, what if I look fat in this outfit, what if I get sick, what if I can’t focus. The list goes on and on and many days you can’t shut it off.

Many people will try and push past their thoughts with a smile on their face and while they are out in public everything seems to be fine — but then they are alone and their smile fades into a deep, empty stare. How they acted when they were out turns into a pit of despair.

Most of the time, anxiety and depression are linked to one another. Think about how it must feel for someone who is already suffering from anxiety to then get a feeling wash over him or her of just pure sadness.

You then begin to worry about why you are sad, and a new thought comes in with the anxiety: “What did I do to become so sad?”

And the worst part about all of it is that many times the reason behind all of your fears and sadness is unknown.