This Is Exactly Why She Loves You


As a man, it can be scary to peel back the layers and be vulnerable. Society says as a man, we should be the alpha male and exude testosterone, yet this should not always be the case. More often than not, the girl you are trying to court or are with will fall in love you when you show her you understand her.

She will love you when you get home after having had a great day, yet you can tell her day was awful. Because of this, you make it all about her and listen. You listen carefully and do not try and solve her problem. As a man, I am guilty of listening to ex-girlfriends for the sole purpose of creating a solution. Do not bring yourself into the conversation, and let her vent.

She loves you because you communicate with her. You are not afraid to look unmanly by pouring your heart out and letting her know what is going on with you.

She loves you because when another girl walks by, you grasp your partner’s hand even stronger and let her know through your actions that she is the one for you. She is the one who holds your eyes, and no matter the options you have, she will be the one whom you choose to commit to.

She loves you because you want her. You desire her so you fight to court her everyday just like when you did not have her. Too many of us stop trying when we successfully get the girl to go out with us. We take her for granted now that she is in our life, and then we wonder why she leaves. Desire her thoughts and body, and she will love you.

She loves you because you surprise her with the unexpected. You bring her favorite flowers on a random Tuesday. You take her favorite food to her during her lunch. You let her know you are thinking about her when you do things when they are not necessary.

As a human being, it can be easy to become complacent, and only perform these actions during the holidays or birthdays. As the days turn into months and years, if you always do what you did at the beginning of the relationship, there will be no end.

She fell in love with you for her own specific reasons. Make sure you always let her know she is the most important person, and this is why she will love you.