Why You Should Not Give Up On Waiting For The Right Kind Of Love


You cannot give up waiting on the right kind of love.

Actually, let me rephrase that. You can. You absolutely can. But you should not.

You should not settle for some who mostly likes you, who has the most respect so far, who communicates when it is convenient and cuts you off otherwise. You shouldn’t settle for someone who reminds you that you settled. You shouldn’t compromise for someone who never yields to you, never believes in you, never listens to you.

You should wait for the kind of love that you trust on the inside.

The kind of love that reminds you of the beautiful things in life. The kind of love you don’t feel like you need to creep on constantly because you think he’s playing you. The kind of love that doesn’t waste your time. You should keep waiting for someone worthy of your wait. Love yourself as you wait and choose to believe that it is out there because it is.

Sure, there are no perfect couples but there are some with a love that comes close. You should wait for someone who makes you feel like the only girl in the room that he’s got eyes for. Wait for someone who makes you laugh and laughs with you. Someone who betters you and who you can better. Someone who does not belittle you. Someone who is no off and on. Someone who does not hide you. Someone who is not scared.

Wait for someone who does not hide you. Someone who is not scared.

You should wait. But don’t wait sadly with your head down in insecurity. Sit up, wait with your shoulders back and your head high. Wait with the confidence of the sun and moon on your side. Wait with a sureness that love will find you. Wait with understanding. Wait, knowing that it is slow work.

The very best things belong to those who have contended with waiting well. Love is no exception to the rule. Wait until it is right for you. For some the wait is long, for others it is short. Don’t worry about someone else’s time. Just wait for you.

Wait for the right kind of love and don’t stop believing that it can one day be yours.

You should wait because you deserve to be cherished, celebrated, challenged, and loved. You deserve to be noticed, to be seen. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to be desired. You know what you deserve. So please, just wait for it.