This Is For Anyone Who Has Treated You Less Than You Deserve


To anyone who has put someone else down just for the fun of it, and who has made a human being feel smaller and less significant, please read this. For the people who do nothing except tear others down just to gain an ounce of confidence, please read this. For the individuals who think that bullying is funny, and who think that it’s ‘just a joke’, please read this.

For those of you who have been knocked down by someone else’s senseless comments, I am sorry.

For those of you who have been hated on for just being yourselves, I am so sorry. For those of you, who have been made to feel like you don’t matter, please know that you do matter. And send this essay to all of the people who think that you don’t.

For all the bullies out there in this world: this is not a joke. It is never funny to put other individuals down just so you can feel a little bit better about yourself. It is never funny to write nasty things about someone on the internet, just so you can seem cooler than you actually are. There is nothing humorous about it. There is nothing cute or entertaining about it. The only thing it does it make you look ugly. And it makes you look weak. 

What good does it do to sit behind a screen and destroy someone else with your words?

What good does it do to terrorize a kid from your school or make fun of your teachers? What good does it do, to think that you have power over someone else just because they seem ‘less attractive’ than you?

It’s hilarious how you think you can write comments about how ugly someone else is, when the only ‘ugly’ person on the inside, is you.

But you can turn this around. Maybe you’re afraid. Maybe you’re lonely. Maybe you hate your life. But that does not mean that you can put other people down. That does not mean you have to hate everyone. I hope to god, you people grow up one day. I hope to god you all can realize your mistakes and apologize for damaging other people’s hearts. 

Hurting someone else, will not fill you up. Hurting someone’s ego, will not give you confidence. Trying to destroy someone else, is not going to help you love yourself.

Focus on yourself, please. Focus on your good traits instead of terrorizing someone who is weaker than you. Focus on the good things you can offer to this world, instead of what you can do to make it darker. There is enough ugly in this world for all of us. There is too much hate, and too much negativity.

Radiate light. Don’t radiate anger to dim everyone else’s love. Radiate beauty. Don’t radiate violence just to dim everyone else’s peace.

To all of you bullies out there: You are better than this. You are better than what you are doing. And you are not defined by the hate you throw out into the universe. Be better. Do better. Love one another. Cherish one another. Stop throwing people under the bus to grow taller.

I promise you, you will only wilt with the hate that burdens you. You will only grow weaker with the negativity that weighs on you.

Don’t give into the hate. Don’t give into the games. Please, love another. We are all just trying to do our best, and to be the best people that we can be, with what we have. Be your best self. And I can assure you that good things will come your way.