This Is For Anyone Who Struggles To Forgive Themselves


For everyone who is too hard on themselves and struggles to move on from something that has caused them immense pain and hurt, this is for you.

Forgive yourself for caring so much for souls who were not ready to meet you where you so badly wanted them to be. You had to learn that you can’t love someone into loving and caring for you. They were on their own journey to healing and you were not part of it.

Forgive yourself for falling so deeply for someone who could not catch you and who would rather let you slip through their fingers than clench their fists and hold you. You had to learn (and accept) that you are not for everyone and not everyone is meant to stick around in your life. You were so very brave to believe in a connection, go for it, and put yourself out there.

Forgive yourself for giving all you had, selflessly, to someone who took everything without giving much back. You had to learn that pouring too much of yourself into someone else is never healthy and leaves you depleted, exhausted, and frustrated. That is not love, that’s emotional masochism.

Forgive yourself for staying too long in a dynamic that was so toxic to you and that caused you pain. You had to learn there was probably something toxic in you too and it needed to be worked on. If someone triggered that toxicity in you, they are probably not as good of a match as you thought they would be.

Forgive yourself for not being strong enough to stay away from someone who meant so much to you but was hurting you. You had to learn that you are only human and that it’s okay to give in and make mistakes. It is hard to push your feelings aside and have your mind control your heart.

Forgive yourself for allowing someone to play with your feelings and dismiss them. You had to learn how to stand your ground and only allow positive energy in your life. Some people will test your boundaries and push you to the limit if you let them.

Forgive yourself for going after the wrong person who was too blind or self-absorbed to see what was right in front of their eyes. You had to learn you shouldn’t be convincing anyone of your value and worth. You are worthy regardless of how anyone else sees you.

Forgive yourself for missing red flags and for not taking what they told you at face value. You had to learn that people know themselves better than you do and they are probably telling you the truth about themselves. Believing in potential is honorable, but that’s all it really is—potential.

Forgive yourself for thinking you could fix someone’s problems. You had to learn that it is not your responsibility to save anyone, especially those who do not want to be saved. People will push you away when they are too scared to face their own demons.

Forgive yourself for finally walking away when you didn’t feel appreciated, valued, or heard. You had to learn to protect your heart from more hurt and to love yourself just a bit more. You have done all you could, tried your best, and if someone still can’t appreciate the sensitive and wonderful soul that you are, then you truly are better off without them.

And finally, forgive yourself for thinking—even for just a second—that you were not good enough and for wishing you were someone else if that meant keeping someone around.

You had to learn that you are unique and special and that there is only one of YOU on this earth, and you deserve someone who makes you feel exactly that way.