This Is For The Girls Who Are Heartbroken


Your air’s been cut off. You can’t breathe.

Their air supply is intact. They’re breathing just fine.

The world is caving in. It doesn’t “feel” like it’s caving in – it just is. You’re hurt. You’re broken.

This foundation you’ve built your whole world on crumbled right before your eyes and beneath your feet. Now you’re trapped underneath, being crushed with every breath you try to take.

They didn’t tell you why. Now you’re stuck with that question. A question that keeps lingering in your head, screaming at you every chance it gets. Then when you find solace for a few moments, “why” begins to whisper and remind you that you’re broken.

People will tell you that they aren’t worth your time anyway. You’ll try to convince yourself because maybe that’s true. Though it’ll be a hard thing to convince yourself because you feel as if you are the one who isn’t worth it.

But you should know:

You are so worth it.

There’s no convincing you to move on right now because I know that’s impossible. Eventually, on your own time, you will move on. It won’t be easy though.

I’m not going to sugarcoat anything. I’m not going to tell you that it won’t hurt for a very long time. Your heart will ache. Your bones will hurt from this weight you’re carrying. Your eyes will burn from the tears that stream from them, making you shut your eyes because that way nothing can hurt you. This heartbreak is painful and will be for some time.

Thing is, and the truth really is, one day it won’t hurt like this. Sure, you may feel a little sting every now and then. But one day, you’ll be able to breathe again. You’ll be able stand up straight. You’ll be able to open your eyes. You’ll be able to keep moving, but you’ll be careful with your steps.

I get it. That makes sense. The world already crumbled beneath you in an instance, and you promised yourself you wouldn’t let that happen again.

One day though, you won’t worry about the steps you take. You won’t worry because one day, you will find someone who paves the road for a Future With You.

And every time there is a crack, they won’t leave it be, but they will fix it to make sure you are safe, and you are secure, because they know that the ground you walk on isn’t just your foundation – it’s their foundation as well. Then you will stand firmly with your fingers intertwined with theirs so in love that you forget the brokenness you once were.

Until then, this is for the girl who got her heart broken. Feel your pain. Because one day you won’t, and that will be a glorious day.