This Is For The Girls Who Give Too Much In Relationships


This is for the girls who are in bad relationships. The ones who won’t give up on their person. The person that has stood by their side through thick and thin.

This is for the girls who care far too much. The ones who are always there for their partner. They give their anything for.

This is for the girls who choose their man over their friends. The girls who sometimes allow their man to take control of more of their lives than they would like to admit.

This is for the girls who want their partner to see their own potential. The girls who are waiting for him to finally make a change you are hoping he is going to make. The girls who fight after fight want and hope for the best for their partner.

This is for the girls who want the picture-perfect life. The girls who give their all in the relationship because they feel like it is going to get better someday, yes certainly, someday.

This is for the girls who give years and months of effort and affection and attention to the men they hope will finally change. The men they hope will realize their worth and our worth and change for the better.

I am here to tell you, it doesn’t get better.

The men we fall in love with their potential, the men who we hope will change, the men who we want to be different. These are the men we need to leave.

You cannot make someone change. No matter how much love you give someone, no matter how much effort we put into a relationship, it will never be enough to make someone love themselves. The love we give someone will never make them love themselves.

When we coddle and allow for men to treat us with disrespect or do not put enough effort into a relationship we are allowing their behavior to continue. We are showing that it is okay for them to give half-ass effort in a relationship. We are showing them that we will tolerate the bullshit.

Girls, please stop settling for bullshit.

Stop allowing for certain behavior to continue. Please allow yourself to be free from bullshit relationships when there are so many men out there in the world that will treat you better. Better yet, allow yourself to be content living in the world alone without a man.

Allow yourself to enjoy being single and seeing all the other men (or women) who will treat you well and put equal effort into a relationship.

Because life is far too short to settle for bullshit relationships.

Life is too short to give too much in a relationship when it should be equal. Relationships are built on mutual love and respect.