This Is For The Ones Who Feel Everything So Deeply


It is truly both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply.

For those of you who relate to this, you know it is both your greatest quality and greatest tragedy. There is no in between for us.

We want the world and everything in it. We want to hold it tightly, we want to keep it close by; we don’t want to lose it.

We feel obligated to save people, to fix things, to make it better. We need to feel loved and give love as well. Our hearts beat for, and because of you all. We’re eager, we’re good, and we’re trying to make sense of it.

We long for someone but often are consumed by our own flaws and thoughts that hinder us from getting to you.

We’re good. We’re genuine. We just feel too much. I wish I had answers of why – why we were chosen to be the fragile ones, the easy to crumble ones, the heavy-hearted ones. I wish I knew why we are the ones that carry all of our emotions in our back pockets. I wish I knew why all the easy stuff is so hard for us. Why when it’s all said and done we still feel that empty feeling. But I don’t; you don’t.

However, I’d like to think that one-day the strength and love you try to give will be appreciated. That caring deeply for others will pay off. There isn’t a lot of people like us, or maybe there is and we’re all just hiding behind our walls.

You are one of a kind. You are needed to make this world a little less heavy. Wherever you are, whoever you are, please don’t stop being you. Please don’t stop loving the world and everyone who comes into yours. Please don’t stop hoping for better days; don’t stop trying to get it right, to make things good.

Soon enough you will run across someone who will see all these things in you and call them beautiful. They will be glad to have met you. They will fill that empty place. They will call you home. You dear, have a heart of gold. Don’t let the world diminish that.