This Is For The Ones Who Feel Everything Too Deeply


For those who have the most beautiful, most inspiring gift of feeling every emotion possible so incredibly deeply: I don’t think you realize how lucky you are.

You see, it’s so easy to sit and question yourself after one of life’s messy and disordered moments on whether you are “too much” or “too sensitive.” You can feel as though you don’t fit in and that there is something wrong with you, can’t you? But darling, let me tell you that you were born to create a world of your own.

You’re here because the universe needs your wild imagination, your benevolent smile, and your magic and softness to thrive. You’re here because you inspire more souls to creatively discover that actually, their sensitivity is their superpower, more than you could ever know.

You’re here to create a beautiful home within yourself, filled with love and fight, serenity and fire all at the same time. And trust me when I say you will never be too much for the people who cannot get enough of you. You will never be too much for the souls that deserve to have a special place in your heart.

You see, to feel deeply can bring the most unimaginable pain. It’s uncomfortable. It tugs and pulls and stretches; it temporarily tangles up your heartstrings, wearing you down until your bones ache and you feel as though you cannot take much more. To feel can leave your body and soul withered, draining you beyond belief.

But let me also tell you that to feel is the most special gift you could receive. It allows you to connect so deeply with every living thing, from butterflies and bumblebees to all the delicate humans who come across your path. To feel means your heart fills itself with such delight as you hear the sweet sounds of your loved ones when you wake on a morning. To feel means your skin dances with so much grace and delicacy as the sunshine pours its magic and warmth down onto you. And to feel means the magic on the ends of fingertips tingle with complete awe as you gently touch the face of the human being you love most.

Oh, darling. I hope you soon begin to see how special your heart and soul is and how truly amazing it is to feel everything, everything.