This Is For The Wallflowers


Wallflower, a term most people see as a negative description about someone, which sounds more like a compliment to me.

To all the wallflowers out there, I have a message for you:

I see you, I hear you and I notice you.

You may think no one notices you, but really you are one of a kind. Difficult to approach, but once you have opened the door for those who have impressed you, you will leave them speechless with your knowledge and perspective on life.

You may not be the center of the attention, but you observe so much more. You feel like an outsider, and maybe you are, in this society. And why should that be something negative? Think about it. People consider you as an outsider because you appear shy and unapproachable, while others are able to socialize like it was their natural gift.

What they don’t know is that you are one of the most interesting people they will ever meet in life.

You are often misunderstood because of your attitude and you hope people see more than what the surface shows. Because that’s what you do like it was your natural gift to be able to see the true faces of people.

You are beautiful, Wallflower.

Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Embrace your awkwardness, it just shows how genuine you actually are. You may not like to talk much, but when you talk you carry yourself with such sincerity and wisdom that it’s hard to not listen to your words. Lots may not notice you, but that only shows which of them are your kind of people. Only works in your favor, right?

You are beautiful, Wallflower.

Don’t let others tell you otherwise. Or you know what? Let them tell you whatever they think you are. Let them think they know everything about you. Let them talk, talk and talk some more. Let them. What matters is that you KNOW someone else can’t define YOU. They can bad mouth and misunderstand as much as they want, but please — don’t let their attitude or words define you. You know much more than what they say. Don’t let them get in your head for no reason. You are already busy enough being awesome, so no time for irrelevant things. Please don’t change in order to fit in, in order to force yourself to put up with a conversation you don’t even seem to care about. The road may feel empty with little souls who get you, but have it ever occurred to you that your vision isn’t blurred by the breath of those who don’t speak your language?

Thank you for actually listening, even though it may not even is directed to you.

Thank you for observing and understanding before assuming.

Thank you for staying true to yourself.

Thank you for being you,

Can I say it one more time?

You are beautiful, Wallflower. 

Now, go get ’em.