This Is For The Women Who Reject Their Femininity To Survive In This Patriarchal World


Some women have become so hardened by this patriarchal world
that I have no interest in cracking them
it’s all a front
this masculine bravado
this one of the boys
it is all the tails of a scorpion that has been burned by a world that leads us to think that sensitivity is a weakness
and emotional is exhausting
so we suffocate our femininity
we morph into the men who need our softness the most
and their masculine shells convince some
she is strong
we think
but I see through their layers
not like that I think
not like that
their layers are thorns of suppressed roses that need healing
their fronting a defence mechanism so deeply
so unconsciously
they have no idea that they are terrified to be vulnerable
to be open
to be emotional
to be sensitive
so they put on the only energy they can find to survive in this world
I have no interest
in cracking these women
for their thorns run deep
and their softness is their own to find

I do hope these women wake on their own
one day
I say hope
for it is never our job to awaken someone before they wish their eyes to peel back to the supressed truths that run in their veins
I hope when their eyes open
they feel the softness of the breast of their heart
the beauty in their ability to feel the world around them
even when it is crippling
I hope they awaken to live the truth that that we are never too much
we are only too much for the ones who have never touched their hearts
the ones who are afraid to feel incase they never come back from their shadow
I hope they wake to know that although the masculine facilitates
his world revolves around the feminine
we do not need to facilitate
we need to be the teachers and students in receiving the masculine
receiving is harder than giving
for it requires the vulnerability and worthiness to take it all in
and if we reject receiving we are shorting each other the experience we are intended to learn in this life
I hope they find the movement of their hips
swaying in the moonlight
their juicy divinity
I hope they wake to know that the only way we will serve this world
is to stand in the strength of the feminine
to open the hearts of those around us
with the compassion and love we were born to teach.