This Is For Those Who Are In Constant Search For The One


They say that LOVE makes the world go round! Yes nothing beats the feeling of being inlove and being loved! In a world full of #relationshipgoals or #couplegoals, is there a need for us to hurry and find THE ONE? Is life all about the pursuit of finding your other half and living happily ever after?

Don’t try to find love just because everyone around you has one, I know sometimes you can’t help but envy these people because they are happily in love, it’s OK, we’re only human but trying to find love just because you feel pressured and feeling left out is not a good idea.

Don’t try to find love because you feel incomplete, once that LOVE god forbid leaves you, you might never be whole again or that you will have a hard time becoming whole again.

Don’t mistake LOVE with LUST, because in this modern age of late night partying, alcohol induced sexcapades, one night stands, and then boom …Instant love. It is very easy for us to define lust with love.

And lastly, don’t try to find LOVE because you feel so alone. Being alone doesn’t always have to mean that you should be lonely. Sometimes a little selfishness won’t do you harm, there’s nothing wrong with putting yourself first above all else.

LOVE in a wider perspective is not just about THE ONE! You can find and express love through different things, through you passion for arts, music, work etc., through your family and friends, even your pets! So embrace that loneliness!

Try to eat in one of your favorite restaurants alone. Travel alone, because getting lost in one place and finding your way back is liberating. Challenge yourself in every possible way! Meet new people! Experience other cultures. Read books. And For God’s sake enjoy your LIFE. LIVE! Because life is uncertain and truth be told it has an expiration date! Because there is more to it than just finding THE ONE! Eventually the right person will come at the right place and at the right time.

And if you’re feeling a bit inspired by this article, or that this article made you feel good about yourself try listening to Heilly Steinfeild’s LOVE MYSELF and just savor the song, dance with it and if you know the words sing your heart out. Because you must love yourself first and become completely whole before you offer some to others.