This Is How Girls With Tattoos Love Differently


We have this undying stereotype that girls with tattoos are rebels. It isn’t actually like that.

Getting a tattoo means that you are willing to endure such pain just to have one. It states a lot about you. You are willing to embrace the pain just to get what you love.

Inked girls are ones who knows that the pain is worth it. You enjoy the pain while you are facing it because you need to. You are aware that it may have complications after getting one, but you still opt to get one because you are able to take a risk.

You are patient when it comes to the healing period. You know that things will be smooth after what you’ve been through.

You are creative. You value the story behind each piece. You love deeply. You don’t just put any tattoo on your skin without thinking about it well. You know how to use your brain and think deeply.

You get vulnerable once you open up. You know that even if it may end anytime soon, you are giving your all not to have any regrets.

You value the mark that’s left with you.