This Is How I Choose To Love You


The real essence of love was never based on pure emotions. Rather, love is a constant decision to love them through the best and worst of times. It was never just a choice of convenience. You don’t just stay out of convenience or obligation. You stay because you chose to, and you can’t imagine spending your life with anyone else than with them.

This is how I choose to love you.

I will love you more on the days where the darkness is overwhelming you and you’ve lost hope in the light.

I will choose to be nothing but patient, kind, and understanding with you, even when my emotions say otherwise.

I will choose to put Christ as the core foundation and rock of our entire relationship.

I will choose to love you with the entirety of my soul and put my entire faith and trust in you.

I will choose to make the effort to go to you, even on rainy days, just to make up during a fight.

I will choose to make the effort to always reassure you with letters proclaiming my love for you, of full-assed investments, of giving you all of my time when time can be so underrated nowadays.

I will choose to love you in a non-cliché way even, to laugh with you endlessly on mediocre days, to buy groceries with you when we get our own place, to feel on top of the world with the realization of how mundane moments can feel so magical with the right person.

I will choose to love you, not just during our highlights but even more on your worst days. I will be your light even more on those days, your constant symbol of hope in this dark, hopeless world.

Love was never just about being there for someone when everything’s perfect and you feel as if life couldn’t get any better than this, because believe me, things will get worse. There are going to be days with nothing but darkness. There are going to be days that will test your love and patience for that person. There are going to be days when it’s going to feel draining, when you feel like you’re giving all of your energy until there’s nothing left. But those are also the days where you are filled with so much love for this person.

Love was just about the constant decision to love someone with every ounce of energy inside of you—a selfless decision to make them happy on their darkest of days.