This Is How I Remember You


I remember you most
when the sun sets at 5
and I open my bottom drawer
to find the warmest sweater I own.

You always told me
I needed more coats
and you wrapped yourself around me
until my goosebumps disappeared.

It’s October now.
And no matter how many layers I wear
and how low the wind chill calculation is
my teeth still chatter in the humidity.

I should’ve listened
when you told me to buy better coats
and when you told me to start sitting
by fireplaces.

The weathermen say December will be chilly.
I imagine my city freezing in the snow
while I sit by the bonfire
that my dad makes every Sunday.

But what you don’t know is,
nothing in this world
could ever warm me up like you did.

And love,
nothing could ever light a fire inside of me
like you always do.