This Is How I Want To Be Loved (And I Don’t Think It’s Too Much To Ask)


I want to be treated with kindness. To be cared for even if I can do it myself just because he wants me to feel loved. He wouldn’t mind going out of his way to help me out or even just to make my day a little bit better. And he’ll do it without any snide comment that’ll make me feel guilty, he’d just do it without a second thought because he wants to do it.

He’ll even throw in some thoughtful gestures, like bringing home my favourite food just because, or some flowers, or waking up to sex initiated by him because last night wasn’t enough to satisfy his lust for me.

I want to be noticed, to be complimented, to be caressed, kissed and hugged by him. And I want to know his eyes are only on me.

I want to be looked at with so much love it makes me weak in the knees. I’ll get shy and look away, but he’ll smile because he thinks I’m beautiful.

I want breakfast in bed, with kisses and giggles for starters. To binge watch TV shows in bed all day, eating junk food and having sex.

I want hugs from behind while I’m doing the dishes.. throw in some neck nibbles and I’ll be yours. I want playfulness, soap fights and such.

I want to be treated tenderly. He knows I can handle myself in a bad situation, but he’ll never want to put me in one.

He’ll be my rock and my pillow. I can depend on him to hold onto his word. He’ll be my home. A place I can always rest my head.

Promises – he’ll only make them when he knows for sure he can keep them. He wouldn’t want to bring my hopes up, only to be the one to tear them down. He’d never want to disappoint me. He wouldn’t undermine me. Make me feel any less than him, even in games. He’ll only encourage me and lift me up.

I want to celebrate all the days dedicated to love. Because I have more love to give than there are days in the year. So it’ll be an excuse just to try and make them see how much you do. I don’t care how cheesy or mushy it is, honestly I love it. I want to shout it in public, stand up on a chair, hijack a microphone and yell it because today is the only day we know we have, so why waste it on anything less than that?

I want to feel sexy. To have every inch of my body kissed because he loves every part. I want to be told that I am sexy and I want him to tell it to only me. So that I’m not put in a position to compare myself when he calls someone else hot, cute, pretty or god forbid beautiful.

I want make-out sessions so that we never forget what it was like when we were young and first met. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

I want to know that it’s love that’s keeping him with me and not just because it’s comfortable.

I want to be listened to. Really listened to, with the phone down and looking at me. I want sincerity. To ask me a question and genuinely want to know the answer.

I want to be thought of. When he’s gone shopping and brings me home something he passed and knew I would love. Or knows I’m having a bad day, and tries to do something to cheer me up.

I want to be spoken to as an equal. No rudeness, anger or belittling in his tone. Even when we are arguing.

I just want to be treated with kindness.

Eyes that are filled with love, never anger and only for me. Hands that only hold to caress, never with force. And a voice that builds me up, and compliments.

Is this really too much to ask?