This Is How I Would Have Loved You


I would have loved you unconditionally. There would have been no limits to my love. You could do no wrong that would alter my feelings. I would have stood by you at your darkest hour even if it meant that I was the only one. I would have never stopped being your number one fan.

I would have loved you with immeasurable devotion. I would have made you a shining star in my universe. I would have taken note of you in all of my thoughts and decisions. I would have always factored you in and done what was best for the both of us and not just me.

I would have loved you with empathy and patience. I would have not met you in anger or disdain. I would have met you with respect and understanding to fix whatever may temporarily ail us. I would have seen things from your perspective. I would have taken into consideration your thoughts and feelings.

I would have loved you with unyielding reliability. I would have always been a resilient shoulder for you to depend on. I would have been your crutches when you could not walk. I would have been your flashlight when darkness emerged and the lights went out. I would have been every cheesy metaphor depicting dependability. I would have been your steadfast other half.

But this is all conditional, subjective on what could have been. This is how I would have loved you, had you let me.

Had you just said yes in that god-awful moment when I poured my heart out to you. Had you just said yes and not answered me with silence. Even a straightforward no would have given me some ounce of closure but you couldn’t even gather the courage to be direct with me. You just stared at me in silence before turning your back and walking away from the one person who could have given you everything.