This Is How I’m Going To Love You


I’m going to love you proudly. I will tell the world about you, as if it was you who placed the stars in the night sky. I will tell them about how beautiful your eyes are and of that cute little wrinkle they form on both ends every time you smile.

I’m going to love you bravely. No matter what life throws at us, I will keep my bearing. I will not allow any nuisance to stain what we have and any attempts to destroy it will not succeed so long as you do the same for us. My love for you will be brave but it will not be domineering. It will let you breathe but it will make you feel secured.

I’m going to love you forgivingly. It will be a love that makes room for mistakes and gives allowances of chances. However, it will not be an array of endless chances for if love is true and sincere, it will not need that much.

I’m going to love you with respect. I will understand that there will be times where you prefer silence and think about things on your own. I will wait for you to open up because I know you will eventually do as our love does not keep one party in the dark.

I know that there will be days when it will be hard to love each other. Days filled with doubt and days we don’t feel like holding each other’s hand. These are the days where we should love each other harder and hold each other’s hands all the more.

I will love you like family, because you are. And just like how every family should be, I will always be your home that you can turn to. I will always be there for you, to support your pursuit and dreams in life. And when your days are dark, I will share with you my light even if that light is also the only thing that keeps me bright.

I’m going to love you like it is the first time, kiss you like there’s no tomorrow and take care of you as if it’s the last.

I’m going to love you in ways I know how: truly, madly, and deeply.