This Is How Love Saves You


I read somewhere that “the illusion of love is that you think it saves you, but actually it destroys you.”

I couldn’t help but ponder over this statement and I came to a realization that, this fear of loving and being loved and it not being enough, or loving someone and not being loved in return, or the fear of your love going to “waste” is inherent in all individuals who are brave enough to take that first step to be vulnerable to someone else.

But as painful as the realization or fear that your love will destroy you, it simply isn’t true.

Love saves you from the loneliness of eternity, destroys all your selfish desires.

Love motivates you to become better than you are as you are without becoming someone else.

You’re loved for who you are. You learn to love someone when you love someone and someone loves you.

Step by step. You cross the bridges, you swim the oceans, you fear death but not yours but theirs, you want to be alone together with someone, share silences with someone, share sorrows, share happiness.

Yes, it saves you and destroys your every fear you had for yourself. You gain new fears, but you also gain new strengths, strengths you never imagined yourself having in your life.

But love never hurts you like you think it will. You think and fear that if it goes away, you’ll be done for, but that’s not true either. It gives you the strength to help you survive in its absence.

It weakens you at the same. You’ll start taking care of yourself for the person you love. You’ll want to collide your soul with someone. You’ll hate distances much more than you ever thought was possible.

Love hurts and heals. It lasts. Even when you don’t. Even if they don’t.