This Is How She Found A Real ‘Happily Ever After’


Once upon a time, there was a boy. Well, actually, there were several boys.

But more importantly, once upon a time, there was a young woman.

This woman was beautiful. Not only on the outside, but her soul reflected every bit of light that was inside of her. Her smile radiated from within, and her constant laughter was contagious to everyone around her. She possessed a gift, and she never realized this gift she had. Until one day, a man discovered the power of her ways.

He looked into her dark, black eyes and saw something special. He saw everything he wanted to be and knew that the beautiful sorceress was who he had been searching for in a see of endless left swipes. But this time, he was ready. This time, he knew she had the power to make him the happiest man in all the land. So he took a leap of faith, swiping his mighty finger right across the screen, and his world was instantly chang… well, his world was really pretty much the same.

You see, this woman possessed a power, but it was no secret to her.

She knew all along that she was special because this boy, despite his grand, romantic gestures, was not the first boy to notice her ability to make men weak at the knees.

But she was very careful who she gave this power to because that was exactly what she did not want; a weak man who thought that he could steal her light and her love, without giving her something in return.

She wanted someone, but only someone who did not take her powers for granted. She wanted someone who knew what it meant to have a woman of her caliber, and who was absolutely certain that letting her light go out was not an option; someone who never let her cry, and never let her be afraid. She was ready to give her light to someone, if and only if that someone had given a gift to her in return.

Her power wasn’t to heal a man. No, he has to do that himself. Her power was in her beauty and her strength, and more importantly, in her ability to find a weakness in others; in her intuition; in her ability to stand up for herself, despite how people have broken her. She had forgotten her strength before, but never once would she allow herself to settle for someone who tried to steal it from her.

So, she lived on.

This boy and other boys would have to find a different solution to finding strength because they couldn’t have hers. She was not put on this earth to make people’s problems go away. She was put on this earth to love, even if that meant creating more problems for someone. The man who gets to keep her would accept that with a gift like her, problems are unavoidable. She needed someone who was accepting and understood that she’s not this mystical, perfect creature that could build a foundation on uneven ground.

She loved herself so greatly that she waited in her tower, no matter how much it hurt her and how long she had to wait. She waited for the knight who was strong enough to tear down the walls, and who would stop at nothing to give her what she wanted.

She waited… so she could live happily ever after.