This Is How Things Will Be Different When You Finally Find A Good Guy


You met him, went on a wonderful date with him, and suddenly you have this hunch that tells you that he’s not like other guys. He’s different and this time even your brain believes it. As the night rolls on and you feel the flutters of your heart intensify, you become more sure that he’s not like the rest. There’s a feeling of calm inside of you and as you sit there beside him, you tell yourself that you cannot screw this up.

Then he asks you, “So. Where should we go after this?”

His gleaming brown eyes are staring at you and you tell him that you don’t want to mess up this “thing” between you two. What you felt was real and the connection, undeniable. For once in your life, you’ve decided that you are going to love yourself by accepting the good guy in your life instead of pushing him far, far away.

Dating is nothing new to you because you’ve been down this road far too many times. What made your recent decision an unprecedented one is because you turned the right corner. The best part of it was that he didn’t mind. He respected your decision to take things slow because at one point, he felt his heart skip a beat, and he wasn’t afraid to tell you about it.

Days and weeks have past and it’s slowly hitting you that you caught yourself quite a catch. It’s in the way his hands fit perfectly in yours and in the way he wants to protect you when he’s got you in his arms; it’s in the way you want to stay in so you can just spend time with him; it’s in the way he is always there for you no matter how busy his day is; it’s in the way he looks at you with loving eyes that gets you every single time; it’s in the way he asks you to slow dance with him in the living room; it’s in the way that he makes you want to become a well and improved version of yourself; and it’s in the way that you feel content and at home when he’s there.

There was never a need to feel overly jealous and there certainly wasn’t a moment when you felt unsure on whether he values you. The uncertainties that once clouded your mind in the past no longer mattered because he gives you the all-around feeling of security that you’ve always searched for all this time. He’s shown you that gentlemen are not extinct and with every day, you thank your lucky stars because you finally found your unicorn.

Now you are here living in the present moment and luckily, he’s right there with you. The mundane everyday story now has flair to it because he finds excitement in what you do in a day. In fact, you can’t even remember when you had to force yourself to start a conversation with him because everything feels immensely effortless. Every single day, he does something that makes you rethink about how you view love and relationships; it’s also made you wonder what possessed you to date all the guys from your past. He’s breathed fresh air into your life and given meaning to what was once your jaded and boring routine.

He’s shown you that good guys still exist and this time, you’re not letting this one go.