This Is How We Start Over


One by one, I’ll put everything I broke inside you back again,
if you promise to do the same,
I will make you remember your favourite colours,
I’ll dive deep in your mind and find your lost dreams once again.

One by one, I’ll make you lovable once again,
To you patience and virtue are not the same,
I will help you rebuild your life,
Pick me up at eight and put down the knife
You always have above your head,
Not every beginning needs to start from an end.

One by one, I’ll fill your head with words that will make you feel alive,
You’ll breathe me out, and I’ll breathe you in,
I could be the tail you’ll keep chasing after,
When we are together, nothing will matter.

One by one, everyone that hurt you will disappear from your life,
I will close my eyes and you’ll fall asleep at the same time,
We can be the hands of the clock, chasing each other around the block,
I turn the corner and crash into you,

One by one, we can start anew.