This Is How Writing Changed My Life For The Better


I have been writing for as long as I can remember, as a child I knew something I could do extremely well; I had the ability to tell a story, I had a way with words, I always carried a notebook and would write everything down. I could be having the worst day, and once I started writing I could forget about everything. It was just me and my words. It was my escape from reality.

I just knew that one day I would want to go public and express my thoughts and emotions with the world and here I am doing that.

Eventually, writing became this different thing for me all together.

I discovered blogging. I discovered writing online. And I discovered how to live a better life and to have an impact on others. I have also learned so many things about myself and writing has become something unique and more powerful than I’d have expected.

Writing expands your mind

When you write, you will realize how little you know. The more you write, the more you learn about yourself and the world around you. If you are serious about developing your work and if you want to create something worth reading, you will seek out knowledge and the best teachers are BOOKS. I don’t know of a good writer who did not read voraciously. And above all, as you know more, you become wiser and have the ability to see what most people can’t.

All good writers read a whole lot.

Writing shows your bare your soul to the world

Writing reflects your soul. If you are timid and insecure, your words will reflect that. If you are honest and brave, your words will reflect that too. But if you take the hard route and write down truth, even when doing so makes you bleed, you’ll grow in boldness. I have never been so open about my personal issues. I choose to share them because I want my stories to be seen in the public eye in hopes that the people reading them can relate on some level. I want to help others realize they aren’t alone in the different life conflicts that we all face each day.

Writing is my therapy

Writing offers me this release, release from pain, depression, and confusion.

Most of my writing tends to focus on my life, what surrounds me and many observations that I make through each day. I write every single day, especially when I am feeling emotionally distraught. I tend to piece certain things together. Writing picks, me up when I am down. If I am writing something I am passionate about, it’s a feeling like no other and sometimes I just get lost in the words and my fingers are just typing on their own.

Writing makes you immortal

One of my favorite books is “De Vita Solitaria” by Francesco Petrarca, this book was written hundreds of years ago and until this day even from his grave, he continues to teach me. He has shaped people in history and he will shape people in the future. This is how powerful writing is, when your work is published online, it’s for the world to read and you’d be surprised how much your words can impact others.

The bottom line is that if you can educate, entertain, and inspire through your words of your work, if you do great things, you will be remembered forever. This is especially true for great writing.

Immortality is within your grasp … one word at a time.

Writing opens a whole new world

I am thankful that I have connected with many beautiful souls that it wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my work.

When writing moves people, they respond. I’ve had so many people that reached out to me to tell me my articles inspired them, moved them and they don’t feel alone, and then I realized I am not as alone as I feel sometimes. We are all connected. Perhaps because I wrote about my own vulnerable stories, people felt safe to write me personally and chime in with their own. People all over the world told me their hopeful dreams and devastating heartaches.

Writing gave my life a meaning

Writing, more than any other pursuit, made me feel the most “me.” I understand that sharing my unique thoughts and ideas openly allows me to set myself apart from the world.

Writing has shown me that I can influence the minds of many, and that I may do things a little different than most, but that I can still leave a lasting impression, and do it all with love and integrity. I’ve seen the impact it can have, and I can see myself using it for years to come.

Writing has allowed me to start my own blog and connect with amazing people.

And most importantly writing has taught me that I can be human, that I hurt like others too, I struggle but still do things that no one ever thought I was capable of doing, and to show others that if I can do it, so can they.

Sometimes your greatest passion will lead you to your greatest impact. All it takes is work, lots of work.