This Is How You Break Her Heart


Tell her all the things she wanted to hear.
Make her believe you think she’s beautiful and special.
Pretend like you really care about her,
Like all you wanted to do was talk to her,
Like there’s nothing better than spending time with her
So there’s no way she’ll never get attached.
Make sure you remind her to text you when she gets home so she’ll think she matters to you.
Listen to her. Flirt with her. Tell her things you’ve never told anyone.
Make her believe in love, and dreams, and fairytales again.
Make her believe you were the one she’s been waiting all her life.
Give her all the reasons why she should trust you,
Why she should let her guard down,
Why she should let you in.
Give her the hope of a blossoming romance,
The start of something she’s always dreamed of.
And when you know how far she’s fallen for you, rip it all out.
Push her hard enough off the edge to make sure she’ll break when the fall was over.
Ignore her. Avoid her.
Make her wonder what she did wrong.
Was there really something wrong about her? Did she upset you?
Make her question everything she ever did and everything she was.
Is she not enough for you? Will she ever be enough for anyone?
When she tries to reach out, don’t reply to her messages.
Make her feel unimportant. Kill her spirits. Let her overthink.
Leave her hanging. Leave her confused.
Don’t give her any answers, but give her more questions.
Make sure she knows you never gave a damn about her.
That she never really mattered.
That she was just a distraction from your ever so important life.
That you never meant for her to fall,
And that you were never sorry that she did.
Make sure she knows the feeling was never mutual.
That it’s only ever her, the stupid one, which was being played.
Are you happy? Is that how you want the game to end?
Well in that case, you won. Look at her.
She’s a complete mess, trying to build back the walls around her heart.
The walls that she once broke just for you to get in.
She’s struggling to keep up with her almost empty bottle of second hand self-confidence.
Not a glue in the world can put back her broken pieces now.
But it wasn’t just her heart that you broke. It was all of her.