This Is How You Gracefully Let Her Go


Take her home. Understand that it would be difficult to console her in public, thus preventing her to walk out on you when you say it’s over.

Brew her a piping hot cup of coffee. That way it’ll burn her tongue and forget all the I love you’s she said to you. Hold the sugar and creamer. This isn’t your lazy Sunday morning. Leave it black, just the way she likes it. Bitter enough that no traces of your kiss would be left.

Tell her she’s beautiful. Thank all the gods that lead you to her. Paint her a montage of memories you’ve spent together and pick a favorite and take it with you as souvenir.

Latch on to her and stroke her hair as if you were cradling her to sleep.
Kiss her forehead and tell her you love her one last time. Hold your breath and say “but” with a 10 second interval. Long enough to gather all your courage and short enough to be, followed after the four words you’ve been choking on for months.

“I am leaving you.”

She needs to hear this. She needs to remember this.

Pace yourself as she muster every word you just said. Expect the tears that would fall uncontrollably. Bite your tongue and allow the silence to envelope the whole room.

Take a deep breath And prepare, as she asks you “Why?” State all your reasons.  Tell her exactly what you want to say. Answer all her questions.
Never leave her unsatisfied. Never let her question her worth.

Most importantly never take back what you said.

Let her know she deserves honesty and that lying to her would make it difficult than it already is. She will beg for you to stay. Promise you a thousand of things. But never mistake your pity from love.  Remain unfazed. Never second guess your reason for hurting her. This is what you want and she paid the price.

Guilt will start to creep up on you, but don’t go weak. Tell her you’re sorry and wish her well. Escort yourself out. Close the door and leave her be. Right at this moment remind yourself that you are no longer hers and she is no longer yours.

There is no beauty nor good in “Goodbye” but at least leave gracefully.