This Is How You Heal When Your Heart Feels Heavy


I know how it feels. It’s that heavy feeling in your heart. Sometimes, you really can’t pinpoint what’s making you feel that way. Sometimes you can.

Sometimes you know it’s because of a person, sometimes it’s because of a situation. It just hits you sometimes, without an invitation. You find yourself sitting in the corner, and all of a sudden, there’s that feeling again. On some days it becomes okay again, and then it’s there again.

It’s a cycle. You don’t know what to do. You’re young, and you think the world has to be gentle on you. Sometimes, you think you don’t deserve to feel that way. Maybe you don’t. Nobody does.

But let me tell you a secret. A secret that has worked wonders for me. Here it is. Listen closely.

It’s okay, love.

When I say it’s okay, please believe me, it all always turns out okay. You need those rough times. It’s part of life.

We only learn when we feel deeply. I’m not going to tell you to ignore that feeling. Don’t.

Don’t be crazy. We’re all human, and we’re all capable of feeling. So feel it. Let it affect you.

Honey, trust me when I say you’ll get by. Yes, it’s heavy but it will pass. Darling, you’ll get by.

Every time you find yourself in that rut, remember that it’s okay. Don’t run away. That’s what most people do. They never face their demons.

They always think their problems are bigger than them, so they hide. They ignore. They pretend it’s not there, when in fact, they know it is deep in themselves, and it’s killing them.

You know the secret of healing?

It’s acknowledging that you’re hurting. It’s accepting — not denying — that it feels crazy. It’s being uncomfortable, it’s being vulnerable.

But, it’s also being you. The real you. It’s about embracing yourself, and feeling your emotions. Feel them, and listen closely to what they’re trying to say.

Does it hurt? It hurts because you care. Is it hard? It’s hard because you’re trying your best.

Life has a purpose. Sometimes it takes a while to figure out what it is, but it has a purpose.

Allow it to affect you, and then slowly, learn to let it go. If it makes you cry, then cry. If it makes you not want to talk to anyone, then do just that.

But darling, please promise me that you’ll feel everything. If you allow the pain inside, that’s the only time it learns to go away. So do it. Do it for yourself.

Allow yourself to feel, no matter how uncomfortable it gets. That’s how you heal.