This Is How You Keep Her


Send her messages when she least expects it. Tell her how much you love her and that she’s the only one you have been thinking of, from the last memory you had before you fell asleep until the moment you opened your eyes in the morning.

Leave her a real love note – one that is written on an actual piece of paper that she can see on her bedside table when she wakes up, or an ‘I love you’ that is taped on the fridge. Any random note anywhere in her place would be enough to make her smile all throughout the day.

Always remind her of the love that you have for her. Say it to her everyday, the same way you would when you were still courting her. Write to her until she never stops smiling, until she forgets how long you’ve been together. Send her messages as if you’re making her fall in love with you over and over again.

Appreciate her for every little thing she does, for the efforts she never fails to give, and from her shortest story to the longest. Laugh at her lamest jokes, sing with her until the rain stop falling, dance with her even in the middle of the streets, cuddle with her not just on cold rainy days but on days when she feels like breaking down.

Smile with her even at the smallest thing.

Appreciate the way she reads her books, the way she sips her coffee in the morning, and the way she comfortably sits on the couch during lazy days. Give her the love she deserves without a second thought. Be there for her dreams, her successes, and especially be there when she fails to achieve something. Appreciate her even if she looks less than perfect in her mind. Tell her how pretty and great she is. Stay and hold her tight when her emotions play with her at 2 am.

Fight and argue with her when she’s being pointless, but know when to apologize to her. Appreciate her for who she is without being judgmental; adjust to fit inside her crazy world, in her crazy life, and in her broken heart. Appreciate her and she will do the same thing to you.

Hug her when she cries. Hold her and bring her close to your chest and let her drown her worries into you. Don’t ask her what’s wrong or how she’s doing. Just rub her back and mean it. Brush out the tips of her hair and let her cry everything out. Wipe the tears away from her face and soak them into your own shirt. She just wants you to take care of her. She wants you to be that someone who’s willing to help her hold her pain up so she doesn’t get crushed.

She has everyone she needs, but most of the time when she cries, she just wants it to be you who will comfort her. Don’t worry, it doesn’t make you weak. It doesn’t make you less of a man either. It makes you more of one.

Just hold her tight, and never let her go.