This Is How You Know He’s Your Soulmate


I didn’t know
when I met you at 17
that I would fall victim
to love.

I didn’t know
that you were going to transform
my world from black and white
to technicolor.

But then you said my name.

And I knew.

With your hands on my broken body
you were the only one
I trusted to make me

With every kiss and touch
you were the only one
I wanted
until the day my heart stopped beating.

I knew you were it.
Finally you were here
to bury yourself in my flaws.
To drink up all of my insecurities.

And I knew
that if the idea of soulmates
that it would be you.

My god.
I knew it was you.
It will always be you.
No matter how many years pass
and no matter how many men I kiss.

It has to be you.