This Is How You Know They’re Your True Best Friend


What is the ultimate definition of a best friend? Is she supposed to be there for you at all times, prepared with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and some DVDs in hand? Are we supposed to have sleepovers and do our nails and talk about boys every weekend? Is she supposed to be growing up with you since the diaper days and know your deepest darkest secrets? Well, how do you finalize and come up with the decision that that person was your best friend?

I grew up with the mind-set that we’re all souls who were already paired with two kinds of soulmates since the very beginning: the lover kind and the best-friend kind. Scratch the lover kind. What if I had four of those best-friend kinds?

What if they all can’t be there for me all the time, but I still can count on them if I needed a shoulder to cry on? What if we’ve never had a sleepover, ever? And what if we met in high-school but only got closer during the beginning of college, when we were all already in different institutions?

We do not meet regularly, even though we live just a few bus stops away. We do not have bitchy sessions where we talk about the people we do and do not like. We’ve never had to force each other to let out their deepest and darkest secrets. And believe me on this, we’ve never had gone pampering ourselves together because in my view, all we need, ever, was each other’s company.

Every time we meet there will always be laughter and selfies and more laughter. The simplest things that can make our lives complete. We’d spend a few hours together at the local mall, and when we’re all cosy in our beds we thank each other for the good day and say that we love each other.

I honestly cannot imagine myself being in another group of girls because the best friends that I have right now are irreplaceable. We may not have spent so much time together, but we share the same goals and we work hard enough to make our dreams come true because we know that we all have each other’s backs.

Sure, sometimes we neglect each other but there has always been a “thing” that kept us all together and if things ever get rough, we’d all be running back into each other’s arms. We cry, we laugh, we compliment and we insult. These four girls only entered my life to make it a really good one because each of their special charms has made me realise that I do not need anyone else.

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