This Is How You Learn To Let Go


Sometimes, I wondered if he also fears about losing me. Lately, I’ve learned that loving
is not all about being happy. It’s about to give and to take. If destiny really wants us to be together, it will always find a way. But now, we both have to learn to let go. Yes, letting go is one of the most painful thing about love. Things don’t always go along the way without any pain and agony. There must also be tears, heart broken, jealousy, and fears. That’s the best way for you to know if a person loves you truly or not. There are many kinds of love. Some are love that lasts forever, love that has a sad ending, or love that is just an illusion.

Love that lasts forever doesn’t always have to be “forever” day by day. Mathematically speaking, there are infinite numbers between 0 and 1. There’s 0.0001, 0.111, 0.1010, and so on and so forth. But there are larger infinite number between 0 and 2. There’s 0.00001, 1.5, 0.24, 0.56789, 0.00024, and so on and so forth. So predominantly, some infinities are larger than other infinities. Same thing as the forever love. Some love that lasts forever doesn’t always have to work that way, but at least, forever does exist. It exists when two lovers truly fall for each other and are willing to take a risk for each other. Also when they are pleasantly happy for having each other despite anything else. Forever does exist when you see your future in your other half. Because not all the time when you fall in love, you will think of them being included in your future. Sometimes, it’s just temporary infatuation.

Now that we are both going to let go of each other, let me tell you this: Letting you go doesn’t mean I am really going to eliminate you from my heart. It’s just about teaching each other to be brave and strong. Remember that just like the usual, not a day shall pass without having me miss you and everything about you. Your sleepy voice that I tell you I find creepy, I actually love listening to it; your everlasting sight towards me will always give me goose bumps; your daily “I love you so much, baby” messages will always give my heart a pow; your laugh as you tease me with something I find irritating is what I will always look for; your efforts will always be worth it; and everything about you, everything about “us” will always be special. And every single thing about everything that makes “us” up, I am surely going to miss it. You are the coolest thing ever happened to me. You are the best of me.

I thank you for every single thing. From reacting to my facebook statuses to comforting me and telling me that ‘everything will be alright’ when I cry, and most of all, for making me feel how it is like to be loved despite that your words are not so poetic at all. Thank you for hurting me even unintentionally, thank you for being the most supportive one, thank you for being a huge part of my life, thank you for giving me forever within the numbered days. It doesn’t matter how short our forever is. What matters most is that we filled the most of it with love, effort, joy, and that we cherished each others’ pamper. What matters most is that we somehow had a forever like no one else ever had. And I thank you so much for that.