This Is How You Let Go


This is how you’ve endured, hands clenched and heart sewn by a concavity of emotion. You are anger, rage and frustration. You are confusion, fear and sorrow. You are a thesaurus of the pained and the distressed.

How did you arrive at this literal point of grievance? How did you amalgamate such regret and bitterness? How did you become the forebear of pity?

The once relevant answer you had is now forgotten. Look at how long you have held on, how much time you have lost on these compiled emotions. What good has it served you to be this guarded and plagued? What have you gained other than an accumulation of additional regret? Look at all you have missed. Look into the past gleam of a crystal ball and witness the what if’s you missed. You could have been that person, the one unaffected and thriving. You could have loved, or be loved. You could have triumphed. You could have been so much and maybe you still could be.

Pause for a moment and consider the conditional painting and missed opportunities. It saddens you right? You feel disappointed for allowing yourself to regress this far. You feel hopeless and you don’t understand. You don’t understand how to move from here, a place of such stagnant hurt that cripples your ability to move on.

Two words, just two are all I have for you. Let go. That’s it, nothing more. Just let go. There’s no guide or detailed explanation other than choice. Even in the core of despair, in the fits of anger and peaks of sobs, make the decision. You may not know how or when it will get better, but make the fucking choice. Declare it, scream it and make it known. Allow yourself this much conviction; you are capable of healing. You are not a lost cause or a foregone opportunity. You are unabridged and unwritten potential at the cusp of liberty.

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