This Is How You See Life When You’re A Dreamer


The world is your playground; you master a few sports but dream of being a champion in all. You don’t believe in boundaries or limits to your dreams, you believe you can and that what matters to you. People don’t get that, they see you as a crazy daydreamer. They couldn’t possibly understand how your dreams are the fuel, the vehicle, and the destination, all they see is a junkie on stardust who believes in unicorns.

But you’re a dreamer, you were born with the universe expressing itself in your mind, and now….now you want the universe at your fingertips.

You see opportunities in the smallest of chances, you see beyond the closed doors, have a futuristic positive look and you know you’re going to get where you intend to, just take all the chances you could get to be there.

People see you’re wasting your time, distracting yourself by always being on the search road, but for you the world is your map and you’re painting it with different colors and destinations, you want different things at the same time and that’s ok.

People see that you’re unbalanced impulsive, and you don’t know what exactly you want But you do sometimes, and sometimes you follow different paths and see where it leads you, you are a bounty hunter, you crave adventure, you’re not a settler, always after your next best prize.

Small mischiefs turn your life upside down in the moment, because you know how little things can impact long-term goals. People see you as a complaining impatient brat. Only you understand what it’s like to miss on chances, but you restore your balance right away and focus on the bigger picture.

When everyone thinks that your dream isn’t worth the effort, that you should finish the act, close the curtains, you don’t do that, you fight for what you want even if it’s a slippery road,

Very few people connect with you on that intellectual, constellations, shooting stars level. You can spot a dreamer when you see one, when you see that spark of insist and determination in their eyes, it’s like magic.

You never ever give up; if you fall on your way, you pick yourself backup and carry on; with negative energy from people like a cloud above your head, bruises from failed experiences manifesting on your skin as reminders, frustration pulling your weight begging you to just sit that dream out, but you don’t, you‘re a goddamn warrior!

You know that success tastes a million times better out of a lion’s den than out of silver spoons.

You reach that goal of yours even if it’s after years, you look those people who doubted you in the eyes and victory never tasted so good.