This Is How You Should Actually Fall In Love


Fall in love slowly, remind yourself of what you are risking and think about it as many times as possible. 

Fall in love with the way he calls you.

Make him say it twice, thrice… until it becomes music to your ears.

Until you feel the sensation that lingers in you… at the sound of his voice, at the way he pronounces your name.

Fall in love with the way he stares at you.  

Look straight into his eyes and uncover his soul.

Watch him closely.

Memorize each crooks and nooks of his entirety, and fall in love with every bit of him more.

Fall in love with the flawed human that he is.

Admire his lovely face and see through his imperfections.

Adore the way he lets you in as you witness his insecurities.

Appreciate his vulnerability and embrace his bare self that welcomes you with open heart.

Fall in love with how his mind works. 

Understand the things that make him happy.

Discuss the things that make him feel alive.

Learn new things from him and with him.

Discover life together as you build your relationship brick by brick.

Fall in love with his heart.  

Revere at its ability to love endlessly, at its immeasurable thoughts of possibility.

Marvel at the way it forgives and how it’s incapable of carrying hatred towards anyone and anything in this lifetime.

Be grateful with his patience for even the littlest of things that you fall short of.

Fall in love with the way he falls in love you day by day.

Fall in love at his unending gratitude to the universe for letting your stars align.

Fall in love at his claims of being blessed beyond measures for having you.

Fall in love with the way he makes you feel that in a parallel universe, he would still choose you.

Always you. 

Fall in love the right way and take all the time you need.

Fall in love until it feels like living rather than healing your heart.

Fall in love until all the doubts start to shed, until hesitation loosens its grip on you.

Fall in love until it makes you feel that after all the wandering, you are finally home. 

Fall in love slowly and make it worth the wait.