This Is How You Should’ve Loved Me (But It’s Too Late Now)


You should’ve just told the truth instead of wrecking me with the promise of ‘forever’. You should’ve told the truth instead of ruining me with the promise of a house and kids.

And you should’ve told the truth when you said your love for me was going to be everlasting.

Because you weren’t really truthful at all were you?

If you were telling the truth, we would be together right now. If you were telling the truth, you’d be in my arms right now. And if you were telling the truth, we would be discussing our plans for tomorrow and plans for ten years from now.

You should’ve loved me truthfully instead of filling my head with broken promises. You should’ve loved me boldly, instead of picking at everything that was wrong with us. You should’ve loved me honestly, instead of giving me false hope every damn day.

How could you tell me that you would love me until the day I die, and then turn around and leave? How could you wreck the heart of someone that you promised your heart to for years to come? How could you hurt me like you did?

You should’ve left the second you had doubts. You should’ve ran the second you had questions. You should’ve slammed the door saying goodbye, without ever coming back again.

But you decided it would be better to string me along. You decided without asking me, to keep leading me on, to keep pushing and pulling on my heartstrings.

Without remorse.

You should’ve let my heart go when you left. You should’ve let my heart go when your heart had already gone south. You should’ve told me how you felt. You should’ve told me what you wanted.

You should’ve told me you didn’t want me anymore. Instead of filling my broken parts with more lies.

It’s too late now. My heart will never be the same. You can’t ever come back to me like you did before. You can’t ever sweet talk me to get me to love you again. Because love isn’t supposed to be full of cruel conversations. Love isn’t supposed to be a game.

You should’ve never given me your heart. You should’ve never said those three words. Because when you did, my heart was yours. I was all in. I was yours for the taking.

And when you left, you took a piece of me that I will never get back. When you left, you took a jagged corner of my heart that I will never see or feel again.

You should’ve let me go when you checked out. You should’ve ran when I had the chance of saving myself. You should’ve walked out, when there was a small possibility of surviving your wreckage.

I would’ve loved you forever, you know. I think a part of me still does. And always will.

Maybe that’s the whole problem. You left without looking back. But I can’t stop looking back no matter how far away I am from you