This Is How You Spot That You’re Dating A Fuckboy, And How To Leave Him Behind


Have you ever talked to a guy whom you thought was amazing? Although he’s busy, it seems as though he manages to make plans and sees you just enough. When he gets what he wants, he begins to ghost you.

If you’ve experienced this, you might have been dealing with a fuckboy.

Many women and men alike are confused, carrying baggage from past relationships, and trying hard to fill their empty void within their heart. As a man, I’ve been a gentleman and a fuckboy.

Being a gentleman is a lot harder because it takes more effort to continuously try and show you are worthy of someone’s attention and love. It is a challenge because I have to put my heart on the line. I have to sit back and hope that she doesn’t run away. Being a fuckboy is more comfortable because I can text her whenever I want, at whatever time I want, and because she also craved attention, it would become a game. Sadly, no one emerges a winner within the game.

You’ll know you have a fuckboy because he thinks it’s cool to tug and play with your heart. The number of girls who have told me they thought they were dating someone until that specific guy blew them off, already had a girlfriend, or only texted them at midnight is astounding.

He will text you at the most opportune times, yet because you are infatuated, you’ll accept his invite. He will call you when it’s convenient, but that is the only time you’ll hear from him. He will tell you whatever he needs for you to feel as if you two could potentially date. As a man, these are all things I have done and all things women have fallen for.

You see girls, what you must realize and what is the secret to understanding men is that most of us hide behind masks.

There is an expectation society has placed on us in which we are told that the more girls we sleep with, the manlier we are. The more women we have which adore us, the more powerful we are. Some men try to validate this through affirmations women provide them thus they need to talk to more women as time goes on.

Women, know your worth. Know that if a man is asking you to come over after your normal bedtime, it probably means something else. Stand your ground, and do not be fooled as you have time and time again. If you truly want a man who will be there for you, tend to you, and walk side by side with you, then learn to recognize the fuckboy signs because he is most definitely not into you.