This Is How You Truly ‘Pick-Up’ A Woman


Dear “Pick-up-Artists,”

Nothing turns me off, annoys me and ruins my night more than you douchebags.

You interrupt my enjoyable conversations with your superficial bragging, “methods of starting a conversation,” and photos of cars you don’t own and places you’ve never been.

You think because you “got some great tips” or read a book I should be swooning and falling madly in love with you. I don’t know a single woman with any intelligence or instinct who would. Here’s why:

If you need a “technique” or “strategy” to meet women, or if you need to pay someone to tell you how to do it, I’m out. I can’t imagine planning out a night with friends like it’s some sort of board game. Move here, put your hand there, say this now, ask her these questions, don’t look there, etc.

And that goes for those “Top 5 Tips to Land the Girl of Your Dreams” click bait articles too. Stop reading that crap. I’ll give you 5 tips right now, and you don’t even have to click anywhere:

Be yourself.

Be honest.

Be polite.

Be kind.

Be able to take a rejection.

I understand. You’ve spent all night planning and you’ve spent lots of money learning and you’re all amped up to be successful. You’ve probably been psyching yourself up for the last two songs and you’ve been planning your outfit for days.

Rejection is tough. It’s pretty embarrassing if it happens in front of your friends. It’s an ego bruise.

However, when I say, “Thank you, but ‘m not interested,” YOU POLITELY LEAVE ME ALONE AND DONT TALK TO ME AGAIN!

Don’t tell me how much I’ve hurt your feelings.

Don’t raise your voice or get angry.

Don’t tell me what a great thing I’m missing out on.

Don’t threaten me.

Any, or all, of those reactions only exposes who you are further and confirms I’ve made the right decision.

By the way, girls go to the bathroom together, wait in long lines and take so long to pee is because we’re all talking about which guys are creepiest and should be avoided.

It’s lying and manipulative.
You’re not being honest about your intentions. You don’t really know what your doing and you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. Again, I have no interest in playing games. You present a deceptive image of yourself. You’re not confident, but you’re pretending to be. You’re not into sports cars, but you’ll say you own one to impress us. You’re not an investment banker, but wait tables at a cafe.

I’d rather go out with a shy, bike-riding waiter than the arrogant a-hole who thinks I’m stupid enough to fall for your b.s.

It’s objectification.
To you, a woman is a prize to be won, a bragging right, a notch in your belt.

She’s not a conquest, she’s a person with emotions, feelings and values.

You’re only focusing on how a woman’s looks. Three problems with this strategy:

If I’m a confident woman (which I am,) I don’t need you to tell me I look great. I put on a hot dress and make up. I know I look good.

If I’m not confident, you only succeed in making me feel foolish because you’re aggressively insisting I look a certain way without knowing how I feel. If you compliment my smile and I’m really self-conscious about my teeth, I feel awkward and I shut down.

You become the guy who’s “shallow” and just about getting me into bed.

It’s too bad because you’re probably eliminating most of the girls who would actually talk to the real you. The guy who’s not aggressively insisting I’m the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen l.

It’s pathetic. Cheesy lines don’t work. That’s why they’re called cheesy lines. Women can smell a line before you finish the sentence. It’s an indicator you’re a tool and have zero confidence.

It’s sad.
It seems as if you have no integrity. You’re probably a really nice person. We, possibly, could have had a nice conversation and maybe shared a few laughs. Who knows, I may have introduced you to one of my friends if I wasn’t interested myself. Maybe I would have given you my email address. But you’ll never know because you chose to be a douchebag and act like an idiot.

Real attraction and love has nothing to do with impressing someone
, being a “type,” or having a certain style or line. It has everything to do with sincerity, vulnerability and not being ashamed of who you are.

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