This Is How You Trust More And Fear Less


Fear is a really good liar.

You are no safer on the ground than you are in the air on that plane. You are no more fulfilled with a person that doesn’t value you, than you are on your own.

You just feel that way – but feelings don’t last forever.

It is in getting on that airplane, taking that 16-hour flight and moving to a new country to do the kind of work or have the kind of experience you’ve always wanted. It is allowing your hands to be sweaty and heart to race the entire move that will teach you to never fear an unknown destination again.

It is the terrified, crackly-voiced acts of courage that shake fear from our lives.

It is in leaving the partner whose failed time and time again to treat you with the respect you deserve. To be faithful. To keep their promises. To make the relationship about not just about themselves but about you, too.

It is in saying goodbye, walking away with grief in your chest and an addiction-like withdrawal in your body, that will teach you to to be happy alone.

Then, you will be able to learn how to to let someone in who truly appreciates you.

It is not in the cool shade of safety, in staying, that your fear and anxiousness will leave.

Continuing to avoid the unknown just because you’re afraid of what it holds will only lead to apathy further on down the road – and wasted time.

To trust more, to fear less… you need to get on that plane.

You need to leave the relationship that never allowed you to express yourself in the way you’ve always wanted; the ways you need.

Or you can let them leave you, the one you’ve never felt good enough for, and not say a word begging them to stay.

Because fear is a liar.

You are no safer or more loved on your own than with a person that doesn’t make a conscious effort to show you love. Or make an effort to know you.

You are no safer in the air on that plane darting across the clouds than you are staying in your hometown, where more car accidents occur. Where more people become numb because of their long-suffering dissatisfaction.

The money doesn’t matter. Neither does the stability.

If you’re afraid, be afraid. But conquer in the feeling the best you can, in all the little and big ways that you can.

Fear’s only lying to you anyways.