This Is How You Will Mend Your Broken Heart


You will remember the day your world collapsed. You will cling, and cry, and claw for the love you thought was there. You will fall apart. But you will mend.

You will forget about yourself. You will feel you’re not worth the care. You will call in sick to work. You will lie. You will lose your appetite, your interests. You will wake up weeks later with tear stained pillows still. But you will mend.

 You will put away the strips of photobooth pictures once displayed happily; now hidden under the bed, you will not be ready to throw them away. You will look at them from time to time. You will smile at the memories. You will cry that they’re gone. But you will mend.

You will learn to be alone. You will go out into the world. You will feel a sense of guilt. You will realize you’re not the one leaving anyone else behind. You will feel abandoned. You will do a little more tomorrow. You will mend.

You will contact an old friend. You will find comfort in their same pain. You will share yourself a little bit. You will help them mend. And you will mend.

You will realize your aloneness is freedom. You will make plans. You will set goals, change your path. You will use the energy once wasted on a person who didn’t want your love, to create yourself. You will mend.

You will go out with that old friend. You will keep yourself guarded, but you will let yourself enjoy the company. You will take a road trip and fight sleep while he sings along to the radio. You will hold his hand. You will feel comforted. You will sing too. You will mend.

 You will lie beside him. You will smile each time he calls you “sweet girl” and kisses the top of your head. You will revel in the differences. You will mend.

You will never forget the one who held your heart for so long. You will remind yourself that it happened for a reason. You will not get your hopes up about this one. You will be the one who makes you happy. You will move on. You will fall again.

But when you do, you will mend.