This Is How You’ll Miss Me


It might not be now, but you will miss me when you realize how much I loved and cared for you. When you realize that I was there for you one hundred percent. I was the person that would still be by your side on your darkest days, yet you couldn’t bear to be with me during mine. Once you realize that I was the one for you, you will start to miss me. It’ll start with little waves of things you remember about me, but then it will advance into tsunami tides.

You’ll remember how I looked to you first. You’ll miss making me laugh to see my crooked smile and the way I bit my lip afterwards. The way my eyes glistened while I was looking at you with admiration. The odd way my left eyebrow would arch with certain words I said. The weird facial expressions I would make at you when you would come up with your completely stupid, but entertaining schemes. The weird, random noises I would make when I was bored just to make you laugh and repeat them with me. The way I would wake up with sleep still in my eyes and my hair a tangled mess. The way I would sing without a care in the world while we were driving down the road while wearing your dirty old hat that I adored.

Then you’ll remember the things we did together. You’ll miss the road trips we would take, whether it was going on mini-vacations or to small ma and pop shops trying out their burgers. When we were on the road trips and I would lay in your lap while you were driving and you would kiss the top of my head. Or how we would hold hands while you were driving. When I would help you work on cars; or more like when I would sit and watch you work on them while you would attempt to teach me just the basics of what you were working on. When we would go out to eat to get a rare, juicy steak. When we would go to the grocery store to get the ingredients to recipes I saw online and wanted to try to make with you; even though you would get tired waiting for our creations to be done and fall asleep on the floor.

Then you will remember the things I did for you. How I would make your bed after we woke, or did your laundry when the basket was full. How I put you first in my life. How I would strive to keep you happy. How I stopped talking to my friends of the opposite sex because you claimed they were all friend zoned and that they waiting for me to be single again. How I stopped doing what I wanted to do to in my spare time that made me happy to hang out with you. It didn’t matter to me what we were doing, just as long as we were together I was fine. How I would spend hours with you while you were working on vehicles, went hunting with you, and when I would be lazy around the house scrolling on our phones with you.

You will miss the way I loved you. You will realize that you will never find a woman to love you as much as I did because that type of love is few and far in between. You will also realize that I was worth it; always have been, always will be.