This Is How You’ll Waste Your Life Away


Life is so weird. You have all of these things that you want to do and be when you grow up. And they change so much. You start by wanting to be a famous musician, or an actor or actress, or a police officer, or a teacher, or a doctor, or a nanny–you want to do all kinds of things. And then you grow up a little, and you want to work for the FBI, you want to be a professor, you want to be a dermatologist, you want to own a day care.

And then you grow up a little more, and you don’t want to do any of those things. But you kind of still do, too. You want to do something big and important and be something big and important, but you get a salary job and a car payment, and you have an electric bill to pay, and the hobbies that were your dreams disappear, because you just have to make ends meet. You tell yourself you don’t have time to do the things you love, and make the dreams that you’ve had all of your life come true, yet you spend every spare second on Netflix, or drinking coffee with friends, or fucking sleeping.

You tell yourself that what you have is enough. You tell yourself that you’ll be happy enough with what you have, because at least you’re making it. But if you were to tell the girl or the boy that was you as a kid, that you would just “give up” one day because life got too “real”, and you were so busy being a fucking adult, you would slap yourself silly, because that’s bullshit.

Everyone has wanted to be something big at some point. About all of us forget about that. We settle, because we tell ourselves that we don’t have the time, and we’re happy enough where we’re at, and it’s too damn expensive.

But life’s also too damn short. No job, no house, no car, no amount of money is worth living a life that you wouldn’t have smiled at as a kid. Nothing is worth putting aside what you have always wanted to be.

Don’t settle. Don’t tell yourself whatever you have is good enough. Don’t just dream, do it. You’ll always regret the chances you didn’t take, and the big things you didn’t go for, and you’ll never smile about settling for whatever, just because it was “okay” for everybody else.

Please, don’t play it safe.